raaginder is a young upcoming violinist and music composer from the bay area. born in a musical family, raaginder has always been surrounded many different types of music in his upbringing. he first started playing the violin when he was 11 years old and then became a disciple of a renowned indian classical violinist, dr. sisirkana dhar choudhury. he has studied at the california institute of the arts (calarts) where he received his bachelors of fine arts in world music performance. during his time at calarts, he trained under sarod maestro, ustaad aashish khan.

raaginder has brought it upon his violin to experiment with different genres of music such as hip-hop, pop, and indian classical. he has performed in prominent venues all over the world such as the white house, staples center, wembley arena and many more. through these endeavors and experiences, raaginder's art will always bring new, intense, and interesting types of music for his audiences to hear.